Libya wins several lawsuits in foreign courtrooms

Libya wins several lawsuits in foreign courtrooms

December 03, 2018 - 20:48
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The lawsuits administration in Libya said Sunday it had won a lawsuit at the commercial court of Paris that was lodged by Business Network Investment company demanding Libya to pay 80 million dollars.

The Paris court issued its verdict on September 18, saying it is not entitled to have the final say in the lawsuit of the French company against Libya, demanding the company to pay about 8500 euros as legal proceedings.

The Libyan lawsuits administration said it had won the case despite that fact that the French company had appealed the Paris court verdict.

It also said that it had won a lawsuit at a French court against the German-Tunisian investor Salim Bin Mukhtar Ghaniya.

The administration said the court ordered on November 22 that the seizing of Central Bank of Libya's money by Agricole Bank in France - 100 million dollars - shall be revoked.

It also won a lawsuit that was lodged against Libya by legal representatives of the UAE-based Saqr Al-Khalij company and another case at the Arab Investment Court of the Arab League, demanding a compensation of 50 million dollars.

The Arab Investment Court decided on November 26 that it was not entitled for having the final verdict of the case, demanding the party prosecuting Libya to pay all the financial dues of the lawsuit.

"We have regained 302 million dollars to the Libyan treasury out of the case we won against the Turkish company Genkiz at the International Commercial Court in Paris." The administration added.

Libya was ordered by the court on November 07 to pay 51.2 million dollars for the Turkish company, citing lack of protection and security for the investments of the firm.