Libya to ban Egyptian food imports

Libya to ban Egyptian food imports

September 26, 2016 - 11:33
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Libya's Food and Drug Control Center has called for a temporary ban on imports of Egyptian vegetables and fruits after tests proved they are unsuitable for human consumption.

The center urged the Administrative Control Authority to contact the concerned government authority, mainly the Ministry of Economy, to issue a temporary ban on Egyptian imports to protect the Libyan consumer.

It said it had sent samples of those vegetables and fruits to a number of specialized laboratories outside Libya to make sure of the results.

The FDCC has also warned in its official Facebook page that other Egyptian products are not fit for human consumption because they contain banned colorants. These included:

Mango juice drink, brand name "Juicy Up"

Mango juice drink, brand name "Salsabil"

Chewing gum, brand name "Marbella"

Strawberry cake, brand name "Kamara"

Yeast, brand name "El Tayeb"

Meanwhile, Misrata Municipality decided to boycott Egypt's vegetables and fruits, to be the first Libyan city to do so.

The municipal council also decided to seize all Egyptian food imports, which have already arrived in the city's port until the Ministry of Economy approves them.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have already banned Egyptian vegetables and fruits imports after tests proved they had been irrigated with sewage water.