Audit Bureau warns to call off deal between GECOL and Turkish Galik

Audit Bureau warns to call off deal between GECOL and Turkish Galik

September 10, 2020 - 14:52
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Audit Bureau has warned it would withhold its consent from a contract submitted by the GECOL with a foreign company to develop the East Tripoli station, due to the GECOL's "unexplained behavior" in this regard, which places it under suspicion of extortion.

In a statement, the Audit Bureau demanded the GECOL to clarify the reasons for not signing the East Tripoli Station with the Turkish Jallic Company, despite the Bureau’s approval of the deal, and the company's willingness to begin implementation immediately without any preconditions.

"In the absence of serious reasons for not signing the agreement, the GECOL must make a final decision on the contract, whether by concluding or canceling the deal within a period not exceeding twenty days," the Audit Bureau said.

It emphasized the deal will be called off if the GECOL does not make a move soon, warning that the GECOL management would bear full responsibility and consequences of their actions.

"The GECOL's approach places it in suspicions of blackmail and extortion at the expense of the state's urgent need for energy during this period, which will not be allowed." the Audit Bureau stated.

It called for a 20-day period to be given to ANCA Power firm to start new contracts west of Tripoli-Misurata, indicating that if the company fails to do so the project will be passed on to the German Siemens to implement the two projects through another contractor.

The bureau also requested that Jisco -the main contractor for Ubari station- be given a period of 20 days to complete the remaining works. Otherwise, the deal will be "called off and passed to another "capable company."