The Town of Mizdah

The Town of Mizdah

August 03, 2021 - 00:24
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Mizdah is a Libyan town located in the Nafusa Mountain region. Its population is about 30,000, most of them are from the tribes of Awlad Abu Seif, Qantrar and Mashashiya.

It was famous for the kindness of its people as they were linked by social bond, intermarriage, and good neighborliness. What distinguished the region in the past was the social respect of the sheikhs, as they were in charge of solving all the problems and obstacles that encountered from time to time the residents of the region, among the most famous of them Muhammad Al-Housh Hamida, Saad Al-Mabrouk Makari, Omran Attia Deira, Ali Ahmed Kajman, Sheikh Milad Khalifa Salem, the former mayor of Mizdah Municipality and one of the founders of the modern city of Mizdah, and Sheikh Ahmad al-Sunni, a mujahid and a scholar, as he was the teacher of the Holy Qur’an in that era, he also fought in many battles against the Italian invasion of the city, the most important of which was the battle of Marsit, which he was its leader, and a monument was erected for it in that area.

Historical Sites

Qasbet Al-Ghazala 
A tower which looks like a reed, It was built in the late eighteenth century and is approximately 350 years old. It was used for military purposes and to defend the region. It has extensions, the most important of which are two smaller reeds in the same area.

Abdul Samad Mosque 

It is about 400 years old and was built a few years before the Kasbah.

Old Mizdah  
The 800-year-old houses located in the center of the city, which were built by Qantrar tribe, and these houses have become UNESCO-protected historical monuments.


The city of Mizdah was famous for its high-quality gunpowder handmade.