The Oasis Town of Marada

The Oasis Town of Marada

October 21, 2021 - 21:55
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It is an oasis town in the Al-Wahat District, Cyrenaica region, in northeastern Libya, about 120 km south of El-Agheila, east of the Zella oasis, at a distance of 225 km, and west of the Jallow Oasis. Travelers to Marada use other much longer roads than the El-Agheila-Marada road because of its bad condition. 
It is inhabited by a number of tribes such as Al-Zawiya, Al-Ahamoud, Al-Tawat and Al-Shawashnah.  
After walking hundreds of miles in a barren desert, you see the natural beauty spreading over the desert, and what truly amazes man is the presence of a large number of palm trees and natural water springs, where water flows from about 35 natural springs such as Ain Haqqana, Ain Al-Malah, Ain Lahmal, Ain Al-Arek, Ain Al-Qatrah and Ain Al-Jarm.

Origin of the Name 

It was called Marada, because it is loved by the hearts of its people, and the meaning of the word is the beloved or a goal that is intended to be achieved and a hope that is sought.


It was mentioned, in some Egyptian and Greek writing about 3000 BC years ago, because it is close to them from the western side.  
The first oil fields were discovered in Libya in 1932 in the oasis, which is the Al-Raqba field.