Libyan women’s Farrashia

Libyan women’s Farrashia

June 16, 2018 - 12:08
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Farrashia is traditional attire that Libyan women used to wear outside the house. It is a one-piece costume mostly made of silk, and comes in different colours most popular is the white colour which is for casual wear, besides the yellowish silky one which is worn by brides or for special occasions.

The fringe of the Farrashia is knotted and formed in a bundle like a flower; this technique is carried out by skilled hands, one of the bundles differs from the others in its colour, so when there is a gathering or an occasion, each woman would identify her attire by this flower.

The Farrashia is also an integral part of the bridal wardrobe, it is sent by the groom's family in one of the wedding days with other clothing, jewellery, and presents.

The woman covers herself completely with the Farrashia and leaves only one eye to guide her through the way, however, with changing times it is now replaced with the Jilbab or Abaya, except for some rural areas where it could still be spotted now and then, as for urban areas it is only limited on national occasions in honour of the past.   

Many people interested in the Maghreb heritage say that the Farrashia is of an Andalusian background. Andalusian Muslims passed this costume to the north west of Africa where they settled after fleeing Spain fear of the campaign launched by the new rulers that force them to convert to Christianity or face torture and imprisonment.

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