Libyan Cuisine: Couscous Aslooz

Libyan Cuisine: Couscous Aslooz

August 07, 2017 - 13:14
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Cheap and Cheerful are the best words to introduce this lovely meal. Couscous Aslooz is a popular Libyan dish, especially in the west region of the country.

It is a vegetarian economical dish composed of steamed Couscous, carrot sauce and the plant Aslooz.

The Aslooz weed grows wild and is not a cultivated farm crop; it can be picked off the side road in the countryside or in the mountains.

Since it has a short growing season between January and February and apparently, it is not available in America and European countries, you could enjoy Couscous Aslooz at any time of year and anywhere by using other similar weeds, for instance, you could use carrots and cumin leaves, or If you are a resident of Europe you could try asparagus or broccoli that will give you similar results.

It is considered as a perfect family food that was meant to be prepared, cooked and served with family, for preparing the meal we use only the tender twigs and the flowery branches, after washing it several times and chopping it firmly, it is placed in a steamer with a pinch of salt and steamed for a while before adding the Couscous on top of it and steamed again until the twigs are nicely cooked and tender.

To prepare the carrot sauce, boil the carrots in the water under the steamer while cooking the Couscous and then mash them and season them with a generous quantity of lemon juice, garlic, spherical, Asperger, tomato paste and chili pepper to give it a spicy twist.

Lower your ingredients from the heat and just bring together and mix, leaving some of the sauce for topping and decoration.