Erato Cinema Festival kicks off in Tripoli

Erato Cinema Festival kicks off in Tripoli

December 11, 2017 - 21:25
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Erato Cinema Festival for human rights films has kick-started under the slogan "I am a human being" at Al-Mahari theater.

The cinematic event was launched Sunday under the supervision of the Libyan General Cultural Authority in line with the Human Rights Day.

Local, Arab and European films - about 75 - are to be competing for awards at the festival that will last for five days, during which the panel of judges (five Libyans and two foreigners) will watch and decide the winners.

The artistic vent for Libyans was attended by the Head of the General Cultural Authority, the UK political advisor in Libya, vice chairman of the British Council in Libya, in addition to artists, directors, human rights advocates and fans of cinema and film making.

Anwar Gargoum - the Director of the Erato Festival - opened the event saying that the festival presents support for short film making with cutting edge techniques, explaining that the aim is to push youths who are interested in the movie industry to take interest in cinema as well as in human rights, advocate for human rights among others things.

"We also present an opportunity to college students to display their talents and work on refining them." Gargoum remarked.

The festival started with the display of "Jasmine" film for the Syrian director Al-Muhand Kalthoum. The movie, which is of a docudrama genre, was previously a winner of local and international awards as it tackles war effects on children in Syria plus the degree the innocence of those children has been marred by terrorism, while giving them a ray of hope worthy of clinging for a better future regardless of pain and deprivation.

On December 14, the festival's curtains will close and three awards - gold, silver and bronze, will be given in addition to the judges award.