Castelverde, Libya (Qarabulli)

Castelverde, Libya (Qarabulli)

May 16, 2021 - 11:03
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It is a Libyan coastal city located in the northwest of the country, 65 km from the capital city of Tripoli, 58 km from the city of Khums, and it is bordered by Qasr al-Khayyar to the east, Tajoura to the west, the seashore to the north, and Tarhuna to the south. 
It is an agricultural rural area with some valleys and plains and is famous for cultivating many agricultural crops and grains on which most of the population depends, as well as livestock raising, fishing and some other traditional crafts. It has a fishing marina that contributed to the development of the economic activity in the city.


It was a green plain and part of the Jafara plain extending between Tripoli and Tarhuna in the south to the coast of the sea in the north, and it was known as the port of Jafara. 
At the end of the Qarra Manali era, the time of the Ottoman rule of the country in the eighth and nineteenth century, approximately some administrative buildings and a palace called the Qarabulli Palace were built, which was a police station in the Italian era and is currently the location of the Jumhouria Bank.

Italian Occupation Era

It was known for its historical jihad against the hordes of the Italian invasion, which was embodied in an eternal battle known as the Battle of Ras Ghazal, during which the people and knights of Qarabulli and the surrounding areas wrote the most wonderful epics of heroism, jihad and sacrifice for the sake of the homeland against the Italian occupation.

Origin of the Name 

Qarabulli is a word derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Gallipolis’, which means the beautiful city. And during the Italian occupation of Libya, it was given the name Castelverde, which means the Green Palace, likening it to a city bearing the same name in the Lombardy region in northern Italy.


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