The Al-Jmail Town

The Al-Jmail Town

June 10, 2021 - 21:34
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It is a town in central Nuqat Al-Khams District of western Libya. It is located about 10 kilometres southwest of the port of Zuwara. As of 2010, it had an estimated population of 102,000. 

The inhabitants of the town are a mixture of tribes, the most prominent of which are the Nawail tribes, as well as the tribes of Al-Sa`fat, Al-Hamidat, Awlad Al-Shin, Al-Sayaan, Al-Rabee`, and Al-Jalidat. 
Its famous for agriculture in the first place, and its most famous crops are grapes, figs, almonds and palms. It has a number of factories and small industrial companies.

In February 2020, the city held the Olive Festival for its first time, where most of the farmers of Al-Jamil city have participated. Various types of olive oil were displayed in the festival, and the participants was not only from the city, but also many farmers from other cities have participated, including (Zuwara, Msallata, Riqdalin, Gharyan and Zelten). It is considered the first session of the Olive Festival in the cities of western Libya.

The Export Development Center of the Ministry of Economy in the Government of National Accord and the Ministry of Agriculture participated in the festival under the supervision of the Agriculture and Livestock Sector of the Municipal Council of the city of Al-Jmail.

Origin of the Name 

It came from the word ‘camel’.