Unidentified persons blow up a Man-Made River’s water station

Unidentified persons blow up a Man-Made River’s water station

February 15, 2017 - 22:31
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The administration of the Hasawna system of the Man-Made River expressed sorrow on Wednesday after some unknown armed persons had detonated explosives at the water station No.304 of the main water track, leading to the entire damage of the main air turbine’s valve.

The media office of the system reported that such a sabotage act won’t let them abandon the repairing works, saying the service teams are working despite all of the obstacles they are facing.

“Water supplies won’t be cut as the repairing teams told us that the damage to the valve did not reach the pumps.” The media office indicated.

It added that such crimes are detached from conventions or religion and are condemned and punished by international laws, as they are crimes against humanity.

“All Libyans must be united and must cooperate to help protect their only source of water and secure the system from the “black hands” that are trying to burden the lives of Libyans.” It explained.

Tripoli and its suburbs suffered for over ten days last January from the outage of water supplies due to the repairing works in one of Man-Made River’s water tracks after it had been exploded by unidentified persons.