Three people shot inside bank in Benghazi

Three people shot inside bank in Benghazi

July 13, 2018 - 14:22
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

At least three people were shot Thursday when gunmen attacked the Commerce and Development Bank in Al-Baraka district in the heart of Benghazi, according to sources from the city, which Haftar’s self-styled army claims “it’s totally secured and under full control.”

Images posted on social media showed traces of blood and bullet shots inside the bank, at a time the security services kept tight-lipped over the incident.

The accounts of the circumstances and responsibility for the shooting differed, however, sources close to the Dignity Operation command confirmed that gunmen from Saiqa Force opened fire in the bank after being prevented from withdrawing large sums of money, while others reported that the matter was a long-standing problem between two men.

Benghazi has been witnessing lately growing security breaches and conflict between the armed groups of the Dignity Operation, especially after the escape of Mahmoud Al-Werfalli from prison - the man wanted by the International Criminal Court- and threats to pursue figures close to Khalifa Haftar, the most prominent of them was Al-Madani Al-Fakhri, head of the Military Investment Authority.