Qasir Ben Ghashir locals execute two men for murder and plunder

Qasir Ben Ghashir locals execute two men for murder and plunder

June 25, 2016 - 18:25
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The residents of Qasir Ben Ghashir, in southern Tripoli, executed on Friday two men after they were found guilty of the murder of one of the locals when they were trying to kidnap him in cooperation with a gang that does blackmailing, kidnapping, and robbery, according to the residents.

Two days before this incident, the district’s residents also executed a member of the gang, which harbors the two executed men on Friday. A footage on social media, posted by activists, showed the confession of the man executed two days ago. Upon his confession, the residents busted the two men on Friday, while the rest of the gang ran away.

After interrogating the two men, they confessed that they killed Abdel Malik Al-Lamoushi, while they were trying to abduct him, in addition to other crimes such as robbery, kidnap, blackmailing, and others, therefore; the residents executed them by a firing squad in the public square in Qasir Ben Gashir in the presence of a huge number of people.

One of the two executed men was Egyptian and the other was Libyan, whose family issued a statement disowning him and his wrongdoing.

“We won’t call for revenge upon our son’s killer because he has received the penalty he deserves for the obnoxious crimes he committed.” The statement reads.

The Libyan public opinion was split on the issue between supporting the execution and opposing it. Some see it as an unlawful act of murder and as repugnant as the crime of the murderers, backing up their argument with the fact that the right verdict must be delivered normally by judges in the court.

However, others see this kind of executions as the only way to revenge upon the murderers, especially because the government is unable to exact deterring punishments on such criminals amid the current unprecedented lack of security and spread of kidnap, blackmailing and robbery crimes.