ICC: Our judicial mandate in Libya still valid, we won’t allow another Srebrenica massacre

ICC: Our judicial mandate in Libya still valid, we won’t allow another Srebrenica massacre

November 06, 2016 - 20:47
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The law prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatous Bensouda, has stated that the ICC still possesses a judicial mandate in Libya that allows it to investigate and prosecute any kind of violations in the country.

“Our office is monitoring the situation in Libya on the ground and the investigation we probed, though relatively slow, is underway plus we’re going to issue arrest warrants soon.” She explained.

Bensouda’s words came when she received a delegation from the Libyan Human Rights Solidarity in The Hague, where they delivered a report to the ICC explaining the violations committed in Libya, such as the displacement of thousands of families from Benghazi.

The ICC law prosecutor also took a listen to one of the forced displacement victims, whose house was robbed and taken away, besides she also listened to a report presented by a Derna resident describing the deteriorated humanitarian conditions in the city that has been besieged by Dignity Operation since April.

The man told the ICC law prosecutor that he has not been able to visit his family since 2014, while another Benghazi family recounted the misery Ganfouda residents are going through in southern the city.

“When I saw the video in which a Haftar affiliated fighter spoke his intention about killing all males in Benghazi from the age 14 above, I immediately had a flash back about the speech delivered before the Srebrenica massacre that was committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when a Serbian militia leader vowed to kill all males from 14 above.” The Head of the law prosecution team in the ICC indicated.

“We won’t let another Srebrenica massacre happen in Libya, we are watching the situation closely and we have begun to make our contacts with the relevant Libyan authorities.” He concluded.