Gunmen kill Libyan footballer for half a million dinars

Gunmen kill Libyan footballer for half a million dinars

August 05, 2017 - 14:59
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Former Libyan football player, Salim Aoun, has been found dead after his body was discovered buried in a farm in the area of Qenaouia south of Sorman town, 60 km west of Tripoli.

A security source said the Criminal Investigation Department of the western region arrested one of the kidnappers, a young man from outside Sorman called Mosab al-Khuwaildi. He admitted to taking part in the kidnapping with another person named Abdul-Razzaq bin Shitti

"According to the confessions, they kidnapped the victim and moved him to a farm located in the area of Qenaouia. They later shot the victim and then buried him in the same place to conceal any evidence of their crime”. The source added.

According to preliminary investigations, the criminal motive was to blackmail the kidnapped player's family, demanding a ransom of half a million Libyan dinars, which they couldn't collect.

The family of the deceased and his friends took him to his final resting place on Friday.