Gunmen hijack cash-in-transit gearing to Al-Zawiya city

Gunmen hijack cash-in-transit gearing to Al-Zawiya city

November 15, 2016 - 21:52
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Two armored vehicles of the Al-Zawiya Commercial Bank were hijacked Monday evening with one million and 500 thousand dinars inside.

The spokesperson for Al-Zawiya security department, Nabil Buzawari, said the two cars were robbed while driving to the bank.

He added that the city is experiencing security breaches nowadays, the latest of which was an explosion on Monday, when a cafe and a bakery were targeted with explosives at a former foreign security building, causing only material damage.

It is noteworthy that cash used to be transferred to Al-Zawiya onboard helicopters since the coastal road was blockaded in 2014, however; the downing of a helicopter in October 2015 put an end to this procedure despite promises to resume it by a number of officials.

Al-Zawiya city was a battlefield for ferocious clashes between two armed groups from the city a couple of weeks ago before a ceasefire and reconciliation truce had been advocated by the western region’s notables bringing back the signs of life to the city in a gradual pace.

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