Boy killed by stray bullet in Benghazi

Boy killed by stray bullet in Benghazi

December 03, 2018 - 07:08
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A 7-year-old boy has died after being shot by a stray bullet in Masakin area of Benghazi.

The boy, who was identified as Mabrouk Al-Saddiq, was with his father in the car when a stray bullet struck him from the side, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

Mabrouk was rushed to Al-Jalaa Hospital and underwent a surgery on Thursday night, unfortunately, he died on Friday, despite doctors' efforts to save his life.

Earlier, young man Musa al-Obeidi died of his wounds after being shot at random in the area of Bouhdeima.

Faiza Hamali, a 34-year-old woman, had also died after being hit by a stray bullet while she was offering her condolences to a family in Salmany area.

Random shooting has become more and more common in Benghazi due to the proliferation of weapons and to celebratory gun fires. Random shooting has resulted in the killing and injury of hundreds, especially in light of the security chaos witnessed by the city.