February 2020

Libya Grand Mufti: Ceasefire in Tripoli is an illusion

February 27, 2020 - 21:48
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani has considered the ceasefire in Tripoli "an illusion", saying it was just created to impose reality on the ground.

In his weekly program on Tanasuh TV channel, Sheikh Al-Sadiq recalled that Haftar did not agree to the ceasefire in the first place, asking "with whom did the GNA agree with; was the ceasefire virtually established to say it had been breached?”

21 civilians killed by Haftar's violations of Libya's ceasefire

February 27, 2020 - 20:06
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Field Medical and Support Center (FMSC) in Tripoli has documented 21 civilians as killed and 31 injured in the last 41 days in Tripoli - exactly since the announcement of truce in the Libyan capital in last January.

The FMSC issued Thursday a list of the casualties' names , while Volcano of Rage's ( Burkan Al-Ghadab) media office indicated that the casualties were killed and injured by Khalifa Haftar forces' attacks on different areas in and around Tripoli.

Libya's Tripoli-based HoR says murky agenda of Geneva political talks behind boycott

February 27, 2020 - 19:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR) has cited obscure arrangements for the political talks in Geneva for its suspension of participation, according to a letter sent by the HoR Speaker Hamouda Sayala to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The HoR Speaker said breaches of the truce in Tripoli by Khalifa Haftar's forces are still ongoing, leading to several civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure due to the systematic attacks on vital facilities and institutions in and around the capital.