February 2019

Video: Egyptian soldiers fighting in Derna alongside Haftar’s armed groups

February 19, 2019 - 09:32
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

A video posted on social media pages on Tuesday has shown a group of Egyptian soldiers on the front line in Derna’s Old Town.

The video showed the Egyptian soldiers desecrating corpses of Derna Protection Force fighters under the wreckage of a building apparently hit by airstrikes.

“This is one of the dogs,” a soldier says in an Egyptian accent while pointing to one of the corpses.

“We will stay here to fight them,” another soldier says. 

Head of UK-based think tank Quilliam wanted by Libya's Haftar-loyal authorities

February 18, 2019 - 22:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad
Noman Ben Othman

The Anti-Corruption Authority in Benghazi has called on the security borders' general directorate to list the President of the London-based think tank Quilliam, Noman Ben Otman for immediate arrest over his "criticism of Khalifa Haftar" and his description of Haftar as "the mutinous."

In a letter by the Anti-Corruption Authority to the directorate of borders security on Monday, it said "The Field Marshal and the general command are red lines."

Haftar's forces confirm control of Libya's Sharara oilfield

February 18, 2019 - 22:01
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A video posted by the military media office of Khalifa Haftar's forces showed the commander of Haftra's general command Abdelsalam Al-Hassi at Sharara oilfield after the announcement of controlling the field days ago.

The military media office added that Al-Hassi toured the field and followed up on the reopening process.

Abu Sahmain dismayed at local, international stances on Libya's crisis

February 18, 2019 - 21:30
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Chairman of the Libyan General National Congress (GNC) Nuri Abu Sahmain said on Sunday that there are attempts to get the injured fighters of Derna Protection Force (DPF) outside of the city for medical treatment.

Addressing Libyans in a televised statement on the February 17 revolution's day, Abu Sahmain said the International community had rejected receiving the injured despite the call of the GNC for getting them out even though they would be tried for whatever "labels and crimes" others inflicted on them.