November 2016

Wissam Ben Hamid: Skhirat agreement is conspiracy and implied occupation

November 13, 2016 - 22:53
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The military official at the Benghazi Shura Council, Wissam Ben Hamid, described the Skhirat agreement that was brokered by the UN to resolve the Libyan political crisis as an implied occupation, adding that they – like all honorable Libyans – reject this implied occupation that is not only clear for grownups but also for little children.

Dignity Operation spokesman: Fighting Presidential Council forces is looming

November 13, 2016 - 21:25
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokesman of the Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said a number of forces supported by Fayez Al-Siraaj and the UN-proposed government’s defense minister-designate, Mihdi Al-Barghathi, are now positioned in Al-Jufra along with Ibrahim Jodran forces as well as Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group.

UN-proposed government downsizes Libyan overseas embassy staffers

November 13, 2016 - 19:16
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN-proposed government’s Foreign Ministry has diminished the number of Libyan staffers in overseas embassies to 55% to save about 220 million dollars for the country.

“Breaking down world countries into (ABCD) chart, the Foreign Ministry managed to carry out the decrease of staff numbers, adding that the biggest number of staffers in one embassy should never exceed 16.

The number of Libyan staffers in 33 embassies across the world has reached only four staffers.

Tripoli: Protestors demand end to siege of Derna and Ganfouda

November 13, 2016 - 17:55
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Several protestors organized a sit-in Sunday in Tripoli to show solidarity with the residents of Derna and Ganfouda, holding slogans urging for the end of the siege laid on the tow areas and for getting the trapped civilians out of there to avoid the bombing that has so far killed many people and destroyed many houses.

The protestors, who were in Tripoli’s Martyrs Square, denounced the ever-happening airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar’s militias along with the supporting foreign warplanes.

Children’s playground materials looted by eastern Red Crescent on the way to Derna

November 13, 2016 - 15:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Dignity Operation forces have seized grass turf that was bound for a theme park in Derna, sources say.

Bayda Media Center said Dignity forces seized the shipment composed of 1300 meters of turf grass at a checkpoint in Shahat town, 85km to the west of Derna.

The first batch of 1500 meters of turf arrived successfully in the city, but this second consignment was confiscated last Wednesday on the orders of Brigadier "Yousef Al Mansouri," the commander of the operation room of Dignity forces in Shahat.

Horrific scenes emerge of UAE airstrikes on Benghazi's Ganfouda

November 13, 2016 - 12:18
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

An UAE Air-Tractor AT-802 conducted an airstrike on besieged district of Ganfounda in Benghazi on Saturday leaving a civilian's house and foreign workers' residence in ruin.

Local sources said a man and his two daughters were  killed while another daughter had suffered severe wounds. Other family members are still under the rubble.

One Chadian worker was also killed, the sources confirmed.

Sawan hints at foreseeable dissolution of HoR if remains at odds with political agreement

November 12, 2016 - 20:40
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, confirmed that all of the Malta-hosted dialogue meeting had consented on the necessity of amending the constitutional declaration by the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR).

Sawan’s words came after the end of the dialogue session held on Thursday and Friday in Valletta, Malta.

Libya beat 0-1 by Tunisia in second 2018 World Cup qualifier

November 12, 2016 - 18:39
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan national football team lost its second 2018 World Cup qualifier to Tunisia 0-1 on Friday in Algeria’s capital.

The Mediterranean knights put out decent performance and scored a goal in the first half but was cancelled by the Kenyan referee on dubious account of an offside to end the first half 0-0.

ICC ponders issuing arrest warrants to apprehend war criminals in Libya

November 10, 2016 - 22:59
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, confirmed Wednesday that her office is mulling over getting the go-ahead for issuing new arrest warrants to apprehend whom she described as war criminals in Libya.

“Our office’s efforts are underway and have progressed remarkably in terms of being close to arrest suspects of war crimes in Libya.” Bensouda added.